About Us

Our Mission

Snabbo is a community where experience and knowledge are curated and reliable information is generated. Members spark conversations by asking questions and providing advice to assist older adults, caretakers, researchers, and those associated with aging issues and transitions. By sharing and exploring, Snabbo propels innovative ideas on how to age well in the 21st century.

Our Story

Snabbo was launched in 2009 as a social network allowing only the Baby Boomer generation to join. Over time, we recognized the desire to socialize and share within a community is, in fact, an ancient tradition and not limited to one particular peer group. The Snabbo Team decided to enhance our social networking origins with more of an emphasis on member-driven discussions and groups. We address the challenge of locating trustworthy online information by continually aggregating peer-reviewed websites and products related to aging. Our Snabbo Tips features experts who offer “aging hacks” in conversational bite-sized videos. These informational outlets enable members to experience a more informed sense of control over their decisions, actions and environment thereby positively influencing their quality of life, health, and well-being. We hope Snabbo members may even be stimulated to create programs and solutions of their own!

Our Team

Barbara Crowley

Barbara founded Snabbo in 2009. Her varied career includes flight attendant, Vice President of Sales/Marketing of a startup staffing firm, and psychotherapist. She passionately believes the Baby Boomer generation has the power to revolutionize outdated ideas on aging.

Jake Carlson

Jake hand built Snabbo and has been involved in all aspects of its development. He is has been designing and developing websites professionally for over 15 years and has worked for clients and companies in various industries worldwide.

Laurie Miller

Laurie is an unstoppable idea person who actually makes the ideas happen. She brings fresh life and insight to Snabbo. Laurie has owned and operated a home care and companion company since 2006. She finds personal fulfillment in both caring for an elder and in providing support to their family.