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  • Centsible Cafe


    A place to find money saving coupons, freebies, recipes, decorating tips, crafts, and much more. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and come visit.

  • Empty Nest what do I do now


    As many of us are now experiencing that feeling of "isn't there someone who needs my help?" Lets share, help, and find others who are experiencing the same feelings. Maybe we can help each other to solutions. I recently have been looking into foster care...?

  • Nuncy Peloooosersi's make up secrets .


    Hi I'm Nuncy, hope you join my group ! Tell your Children not to be scared! Just because I've had sooo many plastic surgerys my ears meet ! And I can't put my face near any kind of heat source , no matter ! Come on Girls lets chat ! Oops I think my lip just fell off !

  • Stupid car group.


    And they called the Chevy Corvair unsafe at any speed! You can actually jump start this enviro weinies dream with your cell phone ! For my family we will take our gas guzzling 04 Ford Expedition any day ! Could you imagine a head on with my Expo and one of these feel good tree hugging pieces of cardboard , even at 25 mph it would be a massacre !

  • Northern Soul


    A page for fans of the Northern Soul movement of the 60s

  • Our Friends Place


    Our Friends Place provides an important and unique service to the most under-served and vulnerable populations - girls and young women. Through therapeutic residential care and teaching independent living skills, at-risk girls and young women are able to experience a safe and stable home environment. This care, which they might not otherwise receive, helps them to stabilize and teaches them the skills they need to rebuild their lives and become economically self-sufficient.

  • Wine Lovers


    A place for wine lovers to connect, discuss wines and for virtual tastings! No need to be an expert...just enjoy drinking wine, sharing great conversations and food. Wine creates friendships.

  • Animal Rights & Supporter's


    It is appalling, the abuse and denial of a happy, pain free exsistence, animals in their thousands face daily...Some only catch a few breaths after birth, before they are murdered.Many because they were born the wrong sex...Many harvested solely for their flesh, We as their human carers have failed the precious animals we share our earth home with...There is enough human rights activist beating their drums for humans, I for many years, and will until my last breath, speak out for the voiceless.

  • Exile On Main Street


    Anything and everything Rolling Stones related. Songs, lyrics, albums, tours, group members

  • Road Trips


    Our plans are to visit as many of the USA National/State Parks and Treasures as we can as well as other interesting sites. Besides the challenges of traveling, we are also Nutritional Vegans, living a Plant-Based Lifestyle, so have surmounted some challenges when it comes to dining, restaurants and hotel/motel accommodations. Read more at http://roadtrip.skipstein.com/