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    Baby Boomer Lit


    Discussing and recommending books featuring mature characters that reflect our "third act". See Claude Nougat's article http://bit.ly/15QRrtl for more about this new genre.

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    Baja California Baby Boomers


    Boomers retiring in Baja California, Mexcio. Enjoying the relaxed lifestyle and the low cost of living.

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    The Jive 95, 1968 to 1981.


    The greatest rock station Ever ! I mean Ever ! Get on board if you remember . She rocked the San Francisco Bay Area for 14 years , in 1981 she changed format to country and western, (Sickening ). On August 5th 1981 she played the Led Zeppelin IV album front to back , and then she died.

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    Exile On Main Street


    Anything and everything Rolling Stones related. Songs, lyrics, albums, tours, group members

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    Different Stuff

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    The Michigan Vet Fest Inc.


    The Michigan Vet Fest Inc. is a non profit group holding an Annual Benefit concert/festival in southeastern Michigan 100 % of all proceeds are always donated to helping Veterans in need. The 2010 Fest will be Sat July 10 at the Elks Club 25000 Michigan Ave, Dearborn 10 am to midnight.16 live bands on 2 stages , headlined by Salem Witchcraft and Frijid Pink. Classic cars, motorcycles, vendors and much more. Admission is free www.myspace.com/vetfest on facebook original Michigan Vet Fest

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    Hitmakers Cruises


    Hitmakers Cruises are fun, exciting cruises where you can party with the bands we all grew up with.Steve and Jim are not only the hosts for this cruise,They DJ the music for the ever popular All Request Dance Party. Cruisers can dance and request their favorite songs all night long.For More Information Go To www.hitmakerscruises.com - Our Next Cruise Is Going To Aruba & Curacao Leaving Jan 21 to Jan 28th 2012 On The Grand Princess.Our Web Site Has The Featured Groups.

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    Assisting folks in their hour of need. Negotiating with medical providers to avoid collections and come to reasonable payment terms. Providing legal assiatance to those who are fifty and older and or who suffer from illness. Central community site is legalbargain.net. (I use angelsarmsagency.com).

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    Power Hits HD


    The purpose for this group is to provide insight, ideas, suggestions and valuable support. All information is considered valuable and is always taken into consideration in order to provide the best in musical entertainment.

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    late 60's - mid 70's music


    talking about the music so dear to our hearts.