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    Different Stuff

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    The Michigan Vet Fest Inc.


    The Michigan Vet Fest Inc. is a non profit group holding an Annual Benefit concert/festival in southeastern Michigan 100 % of all proceeds are always donated to helping Veterans in need. The 2010 Fest will be Sat July 10 at the Elks Club 25000 Michigan Ave, Dearborn 10 am to midnight.16 live bands on 2 stages , headlined by Salem Witchcraft and Frijid Pink. Classic cars, motorcycles, vendors and much more. Admission is free www.myspace.com/vetfest on facebook original Michigan Vet Fest

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    Writing is My Sanity!


    This group is open to any and all genres of writing. Please introduce yourself! Welcome and please contribute!

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    Other Stuff


    This group was created as an alternative to Facebook for members to socialize and post "other stuff" to...

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    CoLodging Club


    CoLodging Club wants to open up the discussion of sharing one's living space with others. Let's talk about the benefits of living together rather than solo. Share ideas of best practices, share stories on how to make living together work and make connections.

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    Fishbowl Cards for kids and adults with disabilities


    A greeting card and gift company that focuses on kids and adults with disabilities. A product line that reflects the celebration of hope, improvement, achievement, love, and support that children and adults with disabilities, their families and friends experience everyday. My goal for Fishbowl Cards is to bring autonomy to the disabled community and educate those without disabilities. Please visit www.fishbowlcards.com to view the line and read about my mission.

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    Empty Nest what do I do now


    As many of us are now experiencing that feeling of "isn't there someone who needs my help?" Lets share, help, and find others who are experiencing the same feelings. Maybe we can help each other to solutions. I recently have been looking into foster care...?

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    Global Concerns


    Anything from the economy, unrest, propaganda, globalization problems. Foreign new and events that effect the USA