Discussion: Baby boomer dating tips and advices

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  • brucebb1960a on Mar 24 2011 @ 10:08 PM

    Consider the following tips:

    1. You can't write "too much" about yourself. What you specifically write about yourself in your profile is important and should reflect what you are looking for, your interests, and should give the reader a sense of your personality through what you have written. Don't short-change yourself by writing one sentence. There is surely much more to write about yourself and your likes/dislikes than that. Writing too little can give the impression you are not serious about finding someone.

    2. Take time to think about what you write before you write it. Think about it this way: Let's imagine that the potential love of your life is reading your profile right now, without you knowing it. What things would you want to make sure that person knew about you?

    3. Be consistent. If you write in the text of your profile that you only are looking for a long term relationship, but you select in the drop-down menu "casual dating" only, then readers will be confused by what you are seeking and/or may think you didn't put much time/consideration into your profile.

    4. Update your profile often. I like this tip because it shows that you are active on the site and makes other members aware of your activity; especially non-upgraded members. You need not change the entire text of your profile, but if something changes in what you're looking for, by all means update your profile so that it is reflective of that change. Or, if something exciting and new just happened in your life, you might want to share it (i.e., "Just got back from a week long vacation to Miami with the girls! Had a blast!) Adding that little extra update from time to time may just spark a conversation between you and someone new.

    5. Be positive. This is the most important thing, Especially in the title to your profile. If your profile headline reads something like, "This is my last resort", or, "Losing Hope"....you may want to first re-evaluate your attitude and readiness towards dating online here. And then come back and write a more positive, upbeat description of what it is you want.

    Expect your profile to change a little as you get the hang of saying what you want to say! But in the meantime, be positive and have fun with it!

  • brucebb1960a on Mar 24 2011 @ 10:11 PM

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