Discussion: Great Depression Survivors

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  • agidore26 on Apr 27 2010 @ 6:41 PM

    I'm looking for survivors of the Great Depression who can

    share how the era shaped their spending and money habits. What

    values did they carry with them to today? How did they adopt

    during the period?

  • Lillian on May 1 2010 @ 5:37 PM

    I was a little girl during this time but I remember money was very scarce and that stayed with me all thru my grown up years and to this day what we are facing - I am more money conscious than ever because I remember my foks talking about how bad unemployment was during the Great Depression and now I face the same thing today. I find myself holding off spending today on things perhaps I don't need - I find myself trying to save more today for tomorrow because I am worried about the financial condition in today's world.I remember also my folks talking about the failure of the stock market back in the Great Depression and lo and behold we are facing a worry about today's stock market so therefore I shy away from doing an investing in stocks.

  • on Dec 5 2018 @ 1:14 PM

    My parents used to talk about how miserable life was then. My Mother's family was driven out of South Dakota during the "Black Blizzards" and my Father's family was starving but the CCC saved them. Youngsters now talk about the "Great Recession" (this past economic downturn) as though us "Villainous Baby Boomers" had it made during our working years. (My sons don't remember,they were too small). There were the layoffs of the 1980's. ( worked two part time jobs and weekend work, just to make one small paycheck.) My wife was at home with the children so as to make sure they were taken goodc are of. Now being retired, I might still have to go back to work to pay property tax and insurance. "Life's Great.....Just don't weaken."